Our story

Everyday is one big adventure for the little ones in your life. From the moment they open their eyes to their bedtime story at night, they’re always learning, growing – and teaching us some things along the way! Unfortunately with nurseries having to deal with administrative burdens, magical moments can be missed and lost forever.

Having personally experienced the the communication gaps between nurseries and parents we set out to change that by creating a simple to use solution that not only made nursery management easier, but allowed teachers to focus more of their time on what matters, making a difference to the lives of the children they care for.

Our solution was designed to be more than a management platform, it was built to bring families closer together, and a way that both teachers and nurseries can showcase how amazing they truly are.

Our mission is to bring joy to child care, ensuring magical moments are never lost between teacher-parent communications, and alleviate the day-to-day stresses of teachers who are caring for our future – we’re here for the long run.

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