Understanding The Basics: EYFS 2021 And Non-Statutory Guidance

Understanding The Basics: EYFS 2021 And Non-Statutory Guidance 1584 1167 Nursery Story
EYFS and Birth to five matters

The new EYFS 2021

The EYFS framework sets the standards that all early years providers must meet so that children learn and develop well, ensuring children are kept healthy and safe and that children have the knowledge and skills they need to start school.

The Department for Education published the final new EYFS version on 31 March 2021, and it is mandatory for all early years providers in England from 1 September 2021. This framework will remain in force until further notice.

Who is this framework for?

The framework applies to all early years providers in England.

Development Matters

Development Matters is the non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage that was revised and published in September 2020 and is to be used until the new EYFS is finally implemented. From September 2021 onwards, when the reforms will apply nationally, early years providers and schools in England will need to use the new version of the EYFS Framework.

Birth to 5 Matters

Birth to 5 Matters is the new non-statutory guidance to implementing and understanding the new EYFS 2021 framework. The document was developed and launched on 31 March 2021 by the Early Years Coalition.

What is this guidance for?

Birth to 5 Matters is a guide for Early Years practitioners. It facilitates the implementation of the statutory responsibilities within the EYFS areas of learning and development and educational programmes and supports children’s progress toward all Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

Developing your own pedagogy

The guidance outlines the foundations of good practice and offers information on how you can bring the principles of the EYFS to life in your setting. At the same time, new sections on play, characteristics of effective learning, and self-regulation are designed to help practitioners reflect on and develop their own pedagogy.

The good news towards developing your own pedagogy is that settings now have the freedom to determine what, when, and how to offer experiences and support to help children progress in their learning and development from birth onward.

One of the many things we loved most about Birth to 5 Matters was the decision not to include the word “teaching” in the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Using the Early Years Coalition’s own words:

‘…because these refer to behaviours and dispositions of the child, not the adult. We have rephrased “Creating and thinking critically” to “Thinking creatively and critically” to place a stronger emphasis on the thinking skills that are central to the creative process.’

Understanding A Unique Child

The principles of the EYFS emphasise that each child is unique and develops in different ways. The challenge is for the child’s community (parents, settings and practitioners) to provide opportunities for positive relationships, enabling environments that encourage their engagement and recognise their strengths.

Every child is capable of learning; they are all naturally curious, and they certainly interact with the world in different ways.

Acknowledging the different ways children can perceive the world around them is fundamental to understanding the essence of each child and how best to support their development.

The extent of the guidance

  • Each child is unique and experiences the world differently
  • Children need positive relationships with their parents and the entire community to develop healthily
  • Settings and Early Years practitioners should be ready and prepared to enable environments that offer children security, comfort, engagement and opportunity
  • Settings need to develop strong relationships with parents as this is essential to helping with the children’s development
  • The entire community should work together to support children’s future development and promote and value diversity

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