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Community Engagement

Becoming a Parent-Friendly Setting

Community involvement is beneficial in every area of life, but one of the most inspirational and profound ways that it impacts our society is when we look at the benefits of community engagement in early childhood.

Children spend a significant part of their lives in their home environment, where they interact with their parents, siblings, extended family and friends. Children also grow up in the broader community. As a result, children develop physically, emotionally and intellectually through their close relationships.

While parents and other family members play an essential role in a child’s life, so does the wider community. The OECD paper Encouraging Quality Early Childhood Education and Care highlights the importance of community services such as schools, health providers and sports organisations in a child’s development. A strong community can support children as they grow and mitigate risk factors such as parents’ economic hardship and stress.

Becoming a parent-friendly setting

Parents have a huge impact on their child’s educational outcomes. When parents are engaged in an Early Years setting or a school, whether in a role as a parent governor, PTA member, volunteer, giving their feedback to Ofsted or through regular daily communication with the child’s key teacher, research shows that children benefit from improved academic results overall.

  • Ensure that your setting is parent-friendly by promoting a culture where parents and teachers work together so that every child can reach their potential
  • Involve parents in the life of your childcare setting by regular and effective communication
  • Involve parents in the child’s learning process, for example, by encouraging parents to read with their child at home
  • Parents are also part of the wider community, so ensure that your setting engages with and consults with all parents, involving them in policy decisions whenever possible

Why is community engagement in early childhood important?

Children learn not only in the family and in their nursery setting but also from engaging with their local neighbourhood. They will learn from the wider community when they are a part of it, and nurseries play an essential role right at the heart of the community. 

Developing a sense of community doesn’t have to be complicated: just a walk down the street, observing the changing seasons, or a trip to the local market can help children to understand the value of community services and where they fit into the neighbourhood.

Forging links with local organisations such as sports organisations, small local traders, and local businesses can also help to enhance children’s learning while also making the nursery more well-known.

How can you promote a sense of community within a childcare setting?

Some ideas for enhancing the sense of community in an Early Years setting include:

  • Involving children and parents in planting a tree or working together in any other activity within the community
  • Involve the children in making handmade cards for children in hospital or residents of the local care home
  • Take part in fundraisers and charity events and invite parents and children
  • Build strong relationships with parents so they can support their children in community activities with your nursery

How can Nursery Story improve community engagement at your childcare business?

Building a solid relationship with each child’s direct community (the parents and the family) will undoubtedly facilitate an extended community engagement so you can involve everyone in the child’s learning and development process.

You can build that solid parental relationship and increase the sense of community by having excellent communication with parents and engaging them every day. This way, you will be able to produce a real impact on children’s learning and development.

With Nursery Story, your entire early years community comes together under one roof. Here’s how:

  • Record each child’s daily magic moments and share them with parents to promote parental involvement and improve the child’s learning experience
  • Keep parents and families informed about any activity happening at the nursery while improving daily communication
  • Record parents and children engaged in community activities in your setting so the children can relate to these fantastic magical memories at home
  • Facilitate handovers, daily activities and pick-ups working as a team with families and through the use of our features

Using Nursery Story two-way communication between parents and Early Years practitioners lets you improve community engagement while giving you the whole picture of your business management. If you would like to learn more, start a FREE trial.

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