How technology will inspire early years settings in 2021

How technology will inspire early years settings in 2021

How technology will inspire early years settings in 2021 2550 1700 Nursery Story

How will technology inspire nurseries and why don’t they want to be left behind?

Technology will inspire nurseries by turning night into day, because we now live in an age where everyone has to do their bit by the environment and look after each other. The Nursery Story app is a greener option than paper and once documentation is online it can never be lost, whereas paper can.

Also with technology it’s not time consuming, it updates instantly making the parents feel like they are constantly in touch. The reason you don’t want to be left behind is this, if you were running a 200 meter race, would you rather have a 100 meter head start? This is what technology gives you, instant updates, instant connections, more time compared to paper.

It’s not only a question of using tech to improve the way early years settings operate in the modern day for staff and families, it’s also about familiarisation of technology around children. Kids are now brought up surrounded by technology. They know how to use a smartphone or tablet from an early age, while they struggle to understand what a mouse is, let alone recognise that floppy disk save symbol in the corner of a word document. This has been happening for the past 10 years now. Technology is not new to children, only to the nursery industry.

Why is technology a good thing?

Technology is good because it can be customised to support early years settings in as many or as little ways as possible. Certain elements of running a nursery cannot be controlled by technology, others can, and when possible, it has the chance to hugely improve the efficiency of what we are doing and how people are interacting.

Tech not only gives the opportunity to free up time to focus more face to face interactions and improve the quality of the service you can provide to each individual child and their families. But it also gives the opportunity to “Go Paperless” and all the benefits that other companies have experienced in recent years. Removing the need for physical storage space, by easy storage on the cloud, files that are incredibly easy to find and share online, and very important in the world today, an eco-friendly solution to help make your nursery more sustainable, (as long as you consider increased power consumption and opt for greener power source).

How will early settings benefit from technology?

Using technology will be a huge benefit for early years settings, not least because the only thing you can’t get back in this world is time. With technology we can give you your time back, it cuts down admin time from staff, allows them to get on with their day job. Also in the days of Covid, it allows the setting to build up trust with parents because you are looking after their most precious things in the world. It makes information you would normally tell a parent at the end of the day instant. With technology it can keep families overseas connected.

Where do you see technology go in terms of nurseries in 2021?

We think technology will play a massive part in the early years sector going forward, because what we have learned from Covid-19 is that even though we may be far apart, technology can bring us closer together. For the nursery itself, technology can be a USP by that I mean, it is a way to enhance your business by using the app to communicate with parents, it’s a greener option for the environment and it saves time meaning that practitioners are spending more time with their children.

I think that we will see technology coming more and more into play this year and giving us the option to incorporate tech into every minute of our days. I think that parents will still have the choice to decide whether they choose to incorporate as much or as little into their life, or simply rely on their own parental instincts. I think that we will begin to see patterns of where we want technology to play its part, but also more importantly see where we don’t want it.

Danny Vilela
CEO at Nursery Story

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