Get Your Childcare Setting Ready for EYFS 2021

Get Your Childcare Setting Ready for EYFS 2021 1400 1031 Nursery Story
Getting Ready For EYFS 2021Getting Ready For EYFS 2021

Q1. What is changing with the new EYFS? 

The revised new version of the EYFS Statutory Framework will come into effect in England in September 2021. The amended framework brings many changes that every Early Years practitioner should be familiar with.

One of these changes involves the end of unnecessary tracking and paperwork, giving Early Years practitioners more freedom to develop their own pedagogy towards understanding the particularities of each child’s learning and development.

Other changes to educational programmes and early learning goals include:

  • More information about self-care and healthy eating
  • A stronger focus on physical development
  • Pre-reception literacy learning will be strongly emphasised
  • Maths will explore in greater detail the importance of shapes, spatial reasoning, and measuring
  • Understanding the World will feature a wider range of experiences
  • Expressive Arts and Design will include additional ways children can explore to develop their creative skills
  • Under the new framework, the “exceeding” judgement criteria from the EYFSP will be removed, which will free up educators’ time … win-win!
  • The requirement to “promote the good health of children” will now include oral health.

Q2. Which EYFS non-statutory guidance is best for your childcare business?

As a nursery owner or Early Years practitioner, you will have the freedom to choose which guidelines to follow, as long as they abide by the standards set out in the new EYFS Statutory Framework.

There are a number of non-statutory guidance documents available to support you and provide guidance on what you can do to help children develop and meet their potential.

Pennie Akehurst has also written a fantastic mini-series for Nursery Story, entitled “Leading and Managing during Challenging Times”. If you haven’t already read Pennie’s insightful articles, you may be particularly interested in reading Part 3: Implementing the Revised EYFS.

Q3. What are the main benefits of the revised EYFS? 

The revised EYFS offers a return to a child-centred approach and calls for practitioners to know their children well so they can better judge how to support children’s learning and development progress.

The framework focuses on reducing the amount of paperwork that practitioners have to complete so that they can spend more time providing meaningful child-centred experiences to each individual pupil.

Q4. What’s changing in Nursery Story and when?

With the revised EYFS in mind, we’ve been closely working with sector experts and Early Years practitioners towards updating Nursery Story software to reflect the changes to the new EYFS.

A new way to record observations

We are updating how you record observations to give more choice on guidance materials. This may be Birth to 5 Matters, Development Matters 2020, or Development Matters 2012. You can also use them all until you become familiar with the most suitable non-statutory guidance material for you and your team.

No longer linking observations to monitoring and individual statements

You will be able to link observations to the EYFS Areas of Learning, but the app will no longer be tracking children’s progress against statements.

Professional knowledge

You will be able to use your knowledge of child development along with reference materials to make a best-fit judgement in each Area of Learning. These judgements will identify how a child is progressing in a particular Area of Learning in relation to their age.

These judgements will be:

  • Area of support
  • Working towards
  • On track
  • Working beyond

Key dates for Nursery Story updates

Our developers are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the enhancements are ready this summer.

  • June – Development and piloting of enhancements
  • July – Enhancements released
  • August – Training, support and guidance sessions
  • September – Revised EYFS

Q5. What was wrong with the old EYFS?

The old EYFS set standards as a tracking system along linear age bands. This lacked individual focus and resulted in generalisations about the learning and development process.

The new EYFS allows Early Years practitioners to make judgements based on knowledge and experience instead of using checklists that don’t account for each child’s unique experiences.

It’s very important to understand that each child experiences the world differently. This way, Early Years practitioners can get real insights into each individual child.

Plus, by moving away from unnecessary paperwork, simplifying the monitoring process, and identifying children who need support in a particular area, practitioners will be able to spend more quality time with their children.

Q6. What’s the point of EYFS software like Nursery Story?

We believe that with the new EYFS, all changes are positive. There is massive value in EYFS software like Nursery Story, not only because it will help simplify your nursery’s administration and management, but also because you will be able to record the magical moments of each child and keep parents involved in their learning and development process.

Keeping parents engaged while managing your childcare setting with Nursery Story. How?

  • Record the magical moments of every child
  • Plan activities and next steps for home
  • Share the learning journeys with parents and family so you can build strong partnerships and get them involved in their child’s learning and development process

Nursery Story is the only childcare software you will ever need! 

With the upcoming Nursery Story updates, our software will give you all the flexibility you need to cover your setting’s needs. This way, you will be able to support your children’s learning and development and manage your business in your own unique way.

We also believe that our software should not be driving your practice. Instead, it should be there to celebrate and showcase what you do. With a deep-rooted understanding of the Early Years sector and day-to-day nursery life, it is essential that early education platforms are simple, intuitive and easy to adapt to your own teaching style.

Nursery Story can save you time, money and stress so that you are able to do more of what you do best: creating meaningful and memorable experiences for your children.

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