The Nursery Reports That Matter

Most teachers didn’t start their career because they’re passionate about building reports; they did it because they’re passionate about being a key part of a child’s learning, growth, development and happiness. 

Of course, reports matter too. When parents and governing bodies need access to accurate information about the progress and daily activities of children in preschool, nursery, daycare or after-school club, teachers are spending hours recording their observations and sharing their nursery report. We developed the Nursery Story app to free them of this burden, streamline processes and upgrade childcare centres with one simple-to-use piece of software.


Store and share toddler daily reports

Kids are always exploring and learning; it’s what makes their day-to-day life one big adventure! Parents don’t want to miss a moment while their children are in the care of their teachers. From naps to snacks, and from smiles to tears, the Nursery Story software enables teachers to create toddler daily reports that can be instantly shared with parents.

With pre-programmed observation reports and the opportunity to customise the information you store, reporting is no longer a necessary added chore, but a simply integrated part of your role that saves hours.


Streamlined reports for better communication

Eliminate debrief meetings, last-minute updates and paper notices from your day-to-day tasks. Nursery reports from Nursery Story assist with everything from staff management to child observation and Ofsted reports.


Assess developmental progress

Observation is key at this crucial stage in a child’s life. Now you can ditch the paper-to-pen strategy and seamlessly record a child’s daily activities, to track their progress and keep parents involved at every step of the way. Record observations and fill in assessment reports to collect all evidence of a child’s development in one spot.


Record behaviour notes

Going digital when it comes to behaviour reports saves time for the things that matter. Instantly make notes, add photos and videos, and store your observations in one place. Our reporting helps nurseries to identify areas for improvement, so they can adjust lesson planning to suit each individual student and support their growth. 


The records you need for Ofsted

Ofsted reports no longer require hours of paperwork and last minute stresses. Our reports can be used for Ofsted and third party inspections; collect all the information they want to see in one handy portal.


Join our waiting list!

Nursery Story is launching very soon! Sign up to our waiting list today to be the first to get access to the exciting toddler daily reports app.

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