Speedy observations

Track precious moments

Ensure no precious moment is ever missed by tracking the observations that record the children’s day-to-day adventures. From napping and toileting to accidents and meal times, share your observations with fellow teachers and parents at the touch of a button.

EYFS and CoEL Frameworks

Link your observations to EYFS and CoEL frameworks so you can keep track of each childs learning developments with ease. Strenghten relationships with parents by sharing their childs progress digitally, meaning no more hand written notes or giant paper journals. You’re staff will love how quickly observations can be made.

Reports and Approvals

Streamline reporting processes so your teachers can focus on a child’s learning and development instead. Toggle who needs to review observations ,who needs to approve them, and if they’re ready to send to parents. No time to finish off all your observations? Don’t worry, save your draft and finish them later.
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