Parents on the same page

Keep parents in the know

Kids are always exploring, learning and getting into mischeif. It’s what makes their day-to-day life one big adventure! Parents don’t want to miss a moment while their children are in the care of their teachers. From naps to snacks, and from smiles to tears, the Nursery Story software enables teachers to create daily reports that can be instantly shared with parents.

Daily Report

The Parents’ App feed shows parents a beautiful timeline of their childs acitivites throughout the day. For busy parents, The Daily Report gives a quick snapshot of your childs day. From the moment you drop them off, to the point they are picked up, the Daily Report will summarise the meals, naps, food and other observations taken during the day.

Accessible for the family

Have parents share their favourite magical moments with other family members directly from the app, or even share access to the parents app so they can view the activity feed just like the parents do.
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