How to keep parents (and kids) engaged with your nursery while at home

by Nursery Story | July 15,2020

Throughout the UK and the rest of the world, children and parents are being affected by nationwide nursery closures, quarantine and social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19.

Here at Nursery Story, we understand just how unsettling this time can be for both parents and children, and we’re here to help. Ensuring parents are engaged is essential to setting children up for a happy time of growth and learning at home, when they’re unable to physically attend nursery.

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Empower your employees

Just because children aren’t physically attending classes with your teachers, it doesn’t mean that their voices don’t need to be heard. Give your teachers the opportunity to come up with exciting and fun virtual lessons for the kids – and useful tips for parents. From guidance for nailing the perfect arts and crafts class to useful tips and tricks for the whole family, this is a brilliant way of encouraging your staff to keep up a healthy dialogue between them and parents.  

Make sure that (virtual!) human interaction is a priority

Human interaction is something that can make us feel supported, and as we navigate our way through the ‘new normal’, socialising is something that most of us are missing. There’s a chance that if you’re a parent, you’re missing talking to other parents that know exactly what you are going through. While quiz nights and catch ups with friends are great, finding time for reconnecting families as well as teacher-parent communications could be the pick-me-up they need.

Some engaging ideas for catch ups:

  •   Show and tell – this is a great way of reengaging the kids so they can so the kids present their work to their friends just like they would in a normal class
  •   Random coffee dates – this gives people 1-on-1 time to check in with others and ask them how they’re feeling  
  •   Reading hour – a relaxing time of shared reading that encourages patience, listening, and learning
  •   A virtual disco in the evening – release some endorphins by having a dance with the kids!


By creating a welcoming (online) space, you’re encouraging people to stay engaged with you and the rest of your staff, as well as helping to combat loneliness by providing emotional support. Be sure to set an objective for every virtual ‘catch up’ so that it has a dedicated focus – and don’t forget to have fun guys!


Keep connected with group chats


It’s always a good feeling when you know that you’re supported. As a daycare or nursery, we recommend creating an online group chat or support group, as a way of bringing staff, families, and the kids closer together. This is a particularly useful way of checking in with parents and family members that might be feeling out of their depth during the pandemic. Just remember, a dedicated place and time to share useful tips and ask open questions could routine back into their lives during this period of uncertainty.


Whatever you decide to do, be sure to plan ahead.  Any activities and classes that you do plan for your day care community could be a weight off of a parent or family member that wants the best for their kids.

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