Hiring apprentices: the benefits for your Nursery

by Nursery Story | September 29,2020

The UK government has developed a scheme designed to create high-quality apprenticeship opportunities, as well as offering employers cash incentives to take on new apprentices.

If you’re a nursery owner or manager, you might be wondering how beneficial a development this is for you. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the services that early year’s providers offer couldn’t be more vital – especially to those working in the front line.


In fact, now more than ever, both you, the children and their parents could benefit hugely from you welcoming an apprentice through your doors.



Here’s how investing in an apprentice could give your nursery the advantage it deserves.  


  • Offering a structured qualification pathway like an apprenticeship enables both career progression and aspiration for young, aspiring employees. When you invest in your apprentices by training them from the beginning, you’re more likely to be left with loyal practitioners that choose to stay with the nursery long term. In turn, this helps to increase staff retention rates.  
  • Nurturing new talent is beneficial to all those involved. When an apprentice is particularly talented in specific areas or incredibly energetic and passionate about what they do, it’s incredibly engaging for children, and can be beneficial to their development.
  • Since apprentices are still studying whilst they work, they are educated in the most up to the minute legislation, theories, policy ideas and practices. Not only is this modern knowledge incredibly beneficial when shared with the children, but such information can also encourage further development across the board – including the parents!
  • As you welcome your apprentice through your doors, you'll be able to train them right at the beginning of their career to follow and understand the ethos of your nursery. If you have particular roles or areas within the team that you’d like to build on, you can make this known to your apprentices, and train them further to fill these roles.
  • As a nursery owner or manager, the funding offered by the government’s new scheme could substantially help your nursery in terms of resources - especially after a particularly tough financial year. From investing in new training for staff members to updating facilities, there’s a number of positive updates for your nursery.


While there are many benefits of investing in apprentices within the early year’s workplace, it works both ways! Many young people are simply waiting for an employer to give them the chance to prove themselves and achieve wonderful things. If you’re interested in mentoring and supporting an apprentice as they learn and grow, this could be the right move for you.

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